KGS: WeakBot50k [22k] - Cyphrex [23k?]

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Ran out of time. Places i could play stronger? Places to play to prevent so many captures? Better opening places?

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Hi Cyphrex,

my name is Leo and I play as about 2k on KGS. I will left my comments and ideas in your game and created some variations. As you are still at the very beginning of your go career I focussed on very big mistakes only. And I only looked at the first 74 moves in this game. This is because of the fact that within this first quarter I already identified three major topics that you should go into:

1) Keep your stones connected! (see move 15). Respectively: Try to cut your opponent groups! (see move 19)
2) Watch your liberties! (see move 59)
3) Train yourself to spot ladders. (see move 69)

I hope that you like the review and get some inspiration how to improve your play.

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