KGS: WeakBot50k [22k] - Cyphrex [23k?]

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Ran out of time. Places i could play stronger? Places to play to prevent so many captures? Better opening places?

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Hi Cyphrex,

my name is Leo and I play as about 2k on KGS. I will left my comments and ideas in your game and created some variations. As you are still at the very beginning of your go career I focussed on very big mistakes only. And I only looked at the first 74 moves in this game. This is because of the fact that within this first quarter I already identified three major topics that you should go into:

1) Keep your stones connected! (see move 15). Respectively: Try to cut your opponent groups! (see move 19)
2) Watch your liberties! (see move 59)
3) Train yourself to spot ladders. (see move 69)

I hope that you like the review and get some inspiration how to improve your play.

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Games are the way of refresh your mind and to get some relief in your tough routine work by the playing of this. The KGS is the weakbot of 50K which present the sharing the games and the results of the games with the other by the source of the go academy with the detail.

I've read the book and really enjoyed Google it.