KGS: waynec [8k] - NotDomo [6k?]

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White fell behind a bit in the opening -- I would be interested in knowing what I could have done better.
Later White came back ahead, but then the game got away from me; I would be interested in seeing where I could have prevented that.

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Hi waynec,

My name is Leo and I play as 2k on KGS. I will have a look at your game and leave some comments to provide you with some ideas how to improve your game. I will also try to cover your questions.


This was an interesting game to review. I agree that the game looked better for Black after the openinig (move 23). The main reason is that with move 20 you missed the chance to create a very nice framework and a lot of potential on the left side and instead played a move for very little territory at the top.

Afterwards you started an invasion at the top with move 26. But I think the result again was way better for Black. He got good territory in the upper right corner while you had to escape to the center without making any points. A big fight started. And you did some good reading and found a way to capture a Black group. Unfortunately you missed a chance to connect your center group (move 96) so the game was still open.

After a questionable sequence on the lower left side the end game started. Although you played some good end game moves unfortunately you missed the chance to protect your upper left territory. Therefore Black was able to reduce this drastically and finally won by a big margin.

I hope you will enjoy the review. Good luck for your next games!

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Thanks for the review.
I found the numerous comments about shape to be particularly helpful. For example, seeing that empty triangles occur in other than simple three stone shapes is something I haven't been good at. And I missed the elephant eyes that you pointed out...
Very often I think at my level we go wrong in the opening (as with move 20 and 26). It took a bit of pondering, but I think I understand the situations at those points a bit better now.