KGS: Oel [2k] - ueda9565 [3k]

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Thanks for reviewing this game. I still don't really understand why I lost this one. I felt quite good during the game. Though black's invasion on the lower side really costed quite some points. Was there a better way to defend? And I think I played some really slack moves/ mistakes (especially in the upper right corner) during late middle game. Was that the reason or did I make major strategical mistakes as well?

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White made  a heavy group, helping that group hurt his upper moyo, black's invasion of the moyo was a too weak and the game drew level. Both players missed big endgame and in the end Black edged out White.

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Hi EdIV,

Thank you so much for analyzing my game! I really appreciate your comments concerning my mistakes in the opening as well as many hints about the end game. This helped me a lot to better understand why I lost this game.