KGS: LinuxGooo [3k] - SolidaSlOl [4k]

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lost the game with 0.5 points.... it seemed for me very balanced, more less during the whole play time. So the question: Where I lost some few points which would have guaranteed to win it.

I am aware that I took two risks, (A) giving away 6 stones to catch 4 with move 92 / H11... and (B) to attack top right corner with move 190 / T14 letting dieĀ  5 stones around P15. I thought, that reducing the corner might compensate the loss. I didnt count properly before, more played by feelings. Probably two wrong decisions ?

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The lead in this game changed several times. White's attack on the left and the center lacked severity, giving Black the lead. Black lost the lead by being greedy on the bottom right and White punished swifly. The lead changed again. If White hadnt messed up in the endgame, it would have been a solid win.

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