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As a beginner I will greatly appreciate any comments or feedback on what to focus on and how to improve (which are my main weaknesses today).  I had a lot of fun with the first half of the game and thought I had an idea of what I was trying to do. However deeply frustated with the double eye that White did on the right side at the end of the game which wipedout a large portion of my points. I need to review that sequence as I did not do well.

Thanks for your time and support



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You were always connecting your stones, which is essential and many sdk cannot do it, so keep that up!

The white group on the right side got only to life because you neglected connecting your stones too.

You often made very small moves, try to look for everymove where the "biggest" moves are. They are either big areas unoccupied by any player (beginning), or where you can either save your territory, reduce the enemies or kill stones (midgame) and where you can get as many points in sente in as possible (endgame)


So always try to look out for the big moves, play solid like always and your rank will skyrocket

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thank you so much for this detailed review. Full of comments and very important points for me to consider . I will spend a couple of hours on your review. I Deeply appreciate the time spent.


kind regards


Hi Ade8,

you are welcome, I hope there are some helpful things there. If you catch me on kgs (tooob) then I will be happy to review games too, you can always just ping me.


best regards