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I'm currently focusing on my attack/defence skills. I just read the book by davies. So comments about that would be most valuable along with anything else you can find.

Thanks in advance for the review :)

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Hi Ethelor,

Since you've been focusing on attack and defense, I've tried to emphasize that in this review. Your game shows a commendable attentiveness to the topic, so there were a lot of good opportunities to discuss it! Two main points came to the front in the review.

First, you often uses attachments when attacking weak groups, and this is usually counter-productive. Contact plays lead to both players' groups getting stronger and more settled. Since the attacker is usually stronger locally to start with, the defender gets more from the exchange. If you want to kill, you should attack from a distance, and close in only when you can read out the kill!

The second main point to take away from this game is that attacking is good, but only if it leads to profit. If you can't see a clear way to profit from attacking, wait. White's weaknesses have value and if you spend them without getting profit in return you're taking a loss. If White takes the time to reinforce while you make big moves elsewhere you have no cause to complain.

Anyway, I enjoyed reviewing this game, I hope you find it helpful!

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Thanks NoLemurs for another great game analysis! I really enjoyed following your comments and variations.