KGS: Blueboy [11k?] - ASu [11k]

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The following is a partial review of your game.

White 6 should be at O17. This move at Q14 is too deep inside the Black sphere of influence.

White 12 should be at R11 for good eye shape or O13 to prepare for running into the center.

Black 23 should be at M15 to protect the cut. Keep the center strong so the White group on the upper right side can be attacked.

White 24 should be at J14 to reduce the potential of the Black moyo. So far Black has been playing effective moves.

Black 33 should be at C14 so that White does not consolidate the upper left quadrant. Stones are later on lost because Back did not have enough friendly stones nearby before attacking.

Black 53 should be at N3; the Black moyo is big and the center should be kept strong so the peep at P13 can still work. As well, that Black group in the center can still be attacked, so you want to take sente before White does.

Black 61 should be at N5; playing this move at O5 as in the actual game give White a cutting point. It's OK to give up some side territory when playing for center influence.

Black 87 should be at L19 to ensure the death of the top side White group. 

Black 91 should be at B4.

Black 95 should be at P15.

Black 111 should be at G10. Now's a good time to make territory in the center and there is not going to be any big reduction in White's upper left corner. The sequence up to Black 123 is counterproductive and would work for Black only if Black can capture the White stones on D16 and E16.

Black 127 should be at H9 to protect Black's center territory.

Black 151 should be at K7 to protect the center territory.

Later on in the game, White exploits cutting points in Black's lower central side chain and scores a big reduction. As well, White succeeds in cutting off two long Black chains. At various points in the game Black made major tactical blunders, resulting in a 45.5 point victory for White. White was able to win this game by first making strong positions, then attacking. If Black plays to make large-scale thick positions resistant to attack, Black could have won the game or at worst, lost by 5 points.

Play more games. With experience and careful training & study you will improve substantially and the mistakes seen in this game will soon become a thing of the past.

If there is no way to find a strong player to review your games on a regular basis, I recommend replaying pro game records as part of your study program. At the very least, replay games by Honinbo Shusaku or Honinbo Dosaku; any pro will do, but these two have games that are relatively easy to follow for purposes of learning Go fundamentals. Don't try to understand at first, just observe. You will need to replay the collection a few times before you can understand, but meanwhile you will get to observe techniques that you can apply in your own games. After a while, you will want something with pro commentary to help you make sense of what you're seeing. Last but never least, do plenty of life & death and tesuji puzzles, alongside puzzles for fuseki, middle game, endgame, and joseki. For your level, the first two should make up 60-70% of your puzzle time.

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