KGS: anchan [3k] - LinuxGooo [4k]

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Anchan vs LinuxGo Review

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Surprise, surprise.... many tks for your efforts to review my game, YoungPro. :-) I was astonished to receive a video review. I  must say: I like it a lot... seems I learn more easily by listening than just reading in a SGF text editor the written comments. :-)

I can follow more easily your feedbacks within this screencast. The critics and alternatives seem all very reasonable. So again, tks a lot. :-)


P.S.: As an Idea (and suggestion) I think it would be helpfully if you keep focus on the colour of the player who asked for review. I was black in this game... but you sometimes YoungPro swapped around... and suggested good moves for white. That might "overload" the teaching with too many details in short time. :-) - Good teaching goes in little steps, giving little dosis of new input... which will be memorized more quickly by the brain which then can be used for next games.