Johnovich 11k(black) vs Matuiss2 9k (white)

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I want a focus on the early and mid game please

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Hi Matuiss2,

My name is Leo and I play as 2k on KGS. I will review this game and leave some comments and ideas how to improve your play.

I think white was ahead relatively early in the game. Black played 4 moves (A, B, C, D) on the second line and this way allowed his opponent to take good position on the board. White showed good fighting skills in the center. Actually after capturing the L12 group I expected white to win with an even higher margin. I think move 137 where white did not extend and consequently allowed black to live easily on the left side and even invade the upper left corner was one reason why in the end the difference was 'only' 20 points. The other reason were several 'passes' played by white in the last third of the game.

Anyway well done. I hope you got some ideas and wish you good luck for your next games.

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Thanks, Ill try to keep myself out of this -1 moves but capturing it gives me a bit of satisfaction to be honest haha. Thanks for the tips, nice review