I can't see the future, but my opponent saw his

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Starting game playing as 17 kyu, and opponent 15 kyu. Ending game playing as 16 kyu, and opponent 14 kyu. This game I am making a mess here and there. It seems like my usual development of moyo were not working for my opponent semi-solid moves. Other than my weak planning skills, could the reviewer please comment on how in the middle of the game (when White started attacking me in the middle) could I have defended instead of leaving so much weaknesses in my game? My opponent is good at slicing my pieces into groups of possibly dead groups (though I would say they're dead unless I could do something insane or my opponent lose focus on some important moves). 

Thanks to reviewer for reviewing this game, in advance. 

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Hi, I think Balck has to start thinking about creating more solid shapes ... - living group gives you an opportunity to attack, and making presure on your opponent... If you play light moves - they "may" look bigger but in fact creates opportunity to squize you and take sente...

If you play light - then Don't hesitate to sacryfize some of light stones... that's the point of light plaing... - to be flexible for your opponents move...

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