How To play against aggressive opponent prone to overplays?

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I won this game, but I was often flabbergasted by what seemed to me to be consistent overplays and overly aggressive moves.  While the game was fascinating and led to many incredibly cool problems to solve, it also was so intense and I felt constantly on the verge of losing everything, despite the fact that I believed my opponent's moves "shouldn't work" (they seemed to be overplays).  

My question is - how can I play moves that punish overplays, and how do I respond skillfully to overly aggressive playing strategies that lead to moves that probably "won't work."  Thank you so much for the review.  I can't wait to become stronger and review more of other people's games too.  So thank you for helping me become a contributor in time!

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Hello! The title of your review request caught my eye, so I decided to check out your game. After going over it quickly I noticed that Black was not actually the one doing most of the overplays and it was actually white! The problem here is that you seem to have a hard time recognizing what overplays actually are, so I hope I am able to help a bit in this review.

Overall I feel like your middlegame instincts are pretty good, the part where you start to fail is with your reading. I definitely feel like you should do some Tsumego, a nice free website for doing problems is Apart from that, in order to help you understand what is an overplay and to make your reading faster I highly recommend you study shape. Shape is one of the most fundamental aspects of Go. Understanding what good shape is will help you make wiser decisions for protecting your groups and understanding what bad shape is will help you in attacking your opponent more severely. There is a free book called "Shape Up!" by Charles Matthews that you can go over, but my personal favorite book on shape is "The Theory and Practice of Shape" by Valery Shikshin.

I hope you enjoy the review!

Quick note: Probably better to download the SGF and view with something like CGoban or online at OGS.

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Greetings TritonBaduk,

Thank you so much for your review.  I apologize if this was coming a little late - I got sick and am just now catching up with old email correspondence.

It is amazing how my perspective of the game was completely off and how right you are.  I made the typical mistake of thinking certain things were more solid than they were, and certain things were more vulnerable than they were.  You review was very kind of my humorous illusions and you guided me with clarity towards better ways of thinking.  Thank you!