hodawf vs. Oel 2015-02-24

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Dear reviewer, Thanks for taking the time to look into my game. I left some comments in the sgf file. Think I recognized two moments in the game where I made crucial mistakes and would be happy to hear your opinion on these situations. Probably you find more/ other moves also.

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Well hope you enjoy ^^

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I see some of the variations do not end with moves so use the arrow keys until you hit the end.

Thanks a lot for this great review! I really enjoyed it. Biggest learnings for me:
1 - Q13 is too slow. I should have played elsewhere.
2 - After playing the game I thought that I played (technically) bad moves locally in the upper right part. But actually it was strategically completely wrong to continue playing next to my thickness at all. I should have continued to play on the upper left corner and maybe drive my opponent towards my thickness.
Thanks for opening my eyes!

There is only one minor question: At move 21 you say "ouch he overplayed." Do you think my jump to R9 is bad? Or do you mean it was an okay way to punish White's overplay?

It was an okay way to punish whites overplay.