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I think that the exchanges I made in the opening were quite fair. So that, up to move 70 I was ahead (I think). Same amount of territory for both of us but I have more influence in the center.
The final half-point difference made me look for slow moves.
My guess is that my move 31 should have been played where white played 32.

Then, my 73 was probably a bad exchange. It should have been where white played 76.

Can anyone tell me if my impressions are correct?
Did I miss somenthing more important?

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Thanks for uploading your game to go-academy.org!

My name is Leo and I play as 2k on KGS. I will have a look at your game and leave comments and variations to provide you with some ideas how to improve your game.

Wow, 0.5 points is obviously super close. Both players had many opportunities to win the game during end game. But anyway in my review I will focus on the beginning and middle game. On the one hand I assume that you will be able to learn more from my ideas concerning this part of the game. On the other hand I don't think my end game is great and I might not be able to find very good variations.

I think you were right with your own analysis in considering move 73 a key move for the game. Unfortunately I think you did not evaluate the game correctly and consequently allowed your opponent to make the game complicated again although it should have been a relatively easy win for you after a good opening and early middle game.

I hope you will enjoy the review. Good luck for your next games!

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