Gennodel (8k) vs Bmwbmw (7k)

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So my opponent made a silly mistake at move 242 which allowed me to win by a landslide. It was pretty close before that. At move 137 I started to invade my opponents moyo, but I was probably too far out from how the game played out. I'd like a little help with that if possible.

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Overall I think you made a good game. White played some crude and aggressive moves and most of the time you calmly answered making proper moves. This way you managed to make good territory up to move 136. And you would have had the chance to make the game easy at that point and win without any big crisis. Anyway you played a bit too risky and gave White the chance to make the game complicated and catch up a lot. But your opponent did not find the right move to kill your lower side group so you decided the game in your favour. Congratulations!

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Thanks for the review Oel. With the board situation as it was(move 64 onward), I thought it would be better for me to just get a solid wall on both sides and make white's wall on the right useless and build for myself on the bottom. Who knows if it would have turned out that way had white not answered move 71, but that was the idea behind it at least.