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i lost a large group at the endgame because i lost concentration.
i am interested in the moves before this.

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my name is Leo and I play as 2k on KGS.

I was confused with regard to the time settings for this game. It looked like each player had only one minute. This normally is not the kind of game one would upload to make other players analyze the game. Anyway it seems like time went up and down throughout the game so after finishing my review I assume that you had way more time to think - right?

Overall I think you played a pretty good game. You made one big mistake in the opening in the upper right corner. White had the chance to kill your group and get a big advantage very early in the game. Please check the Joseki again maybe having a look at at Joseki dictionary (, etc.)

Afterwards I did not find any big mistakes from Black. Instead I really liked the moves where you found a way to effectively reduce White's center influence (e.g. move 77) and even ignored a locale fight to play the important strategical point (moves 89 & 91).

In the end you made a simple mistake which allowed White to kill your big group on the lower side. If you can avoid such easy mistakes in your next game I think you can improve quickly.

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