Game on Tygem. Felt uncomfortable about going to the middle

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I'd love to get some more insight and help with my opening and the play in the middle.
I felt kind of uncomfortable running in the middle to build something because I did not really see where I should go, so I hope you can help me.
Also I think i lost a lot of points in the endgame, so it would be nice if you could take a look on what to pay more attention to :)

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All in all it was actually your endgame that won you this match, it was pretty close before that. For tips on how to get better at it, the importance of a move in the endgame is as follows:

1. Any move that is sente for both you or your opponent

2.Any move that defends your territory against attack, like extending a group of stones down to the second line to block your opponents monkey jump

3. Any large gote move, exclusively monkey jumps.

4.Any move that is sente for only the opponent (take that point in gote since you will end the sequence in gote whether you move first or not)

 As far as the opening goes, there isn't really much to go over from this game. You pretty much left each other alone until white invaded black. All I can really say is that some of the spacing between your stones were dubious, but it worked out in the end. If you have any questions or clarification feel free to comment. I've made it a habit to check this website once a day

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My plan was to either get something in the corner or seperate Q4 and Q10 depending on what he does and I did'nt thought I'd be able to build a base there.
I only just learned yesterday that 2 space extension is enough to make one.

for move 24 that is.

on move 46, where would be a good point to invade south? I pushed through on L4 later, but is there a better way maybe?

Anyway thanks a lot for the help and review! :)

Splitting Q4 and Q10 isn't a bad idea, but with black Q14 you can't get  great attack on it yet. You'd need a move like O14 on the board first


As far as black's bottom position is concerned, the weakness is the fact that you can push at L4. There are a couple variations you can use, but they all revolve around noticing the push at L4. I have added another variation at move 47 for you to look through, as well as an earlier variation (at move 39) that aims to break up black before he begins to build