A game between a 10k and another 10k

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Hello! I want to know what I can do to play better! A good review might help! Thanks!

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Hi 围棋哆啦A梦,
Thanks for uploading your game to Go Academy. My name is Leo and I play as 1k on KGS. I will review this game and leave some comments and ideas how to improve your play.

  • Both players made quite some major joseki mistakes in the beginning. I would recommend you to study at least the very basic sequences a bit (don't waste hours of your valuable time - maybe just check some of the variations seen after each game). Besides that you played very well in this game.
  • And when you started the end game (pretty early in the game actually) it still looked quite good for you. Unfortunately you missed some big end game moves and finally White won by very few points.

Anyway keep up the good game. And if you find ways to punish your opponent's simple joseki mistakes once or twice per game you will significantly increase your winning ratio. ;)

I hope you will like my analysis and I wish you good luck for your next games!

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The analysis is great! Thanks!

Following joseki is key.... I got it

Hi KaitoDoraemon,

Thanks for your feedback! You have probably already heared the proverb "learn joseki and then forget about it". I think at your level it is worth spending some time to learn the very basic joseki. Even though you might decide to not apply these sequences sometimes but instead play something that is more appropriate to the overall board situation.
But I won't recommend you to waste days and weeks to learn long complicated joseki. You will rarely have the chance to apply that knowledge and might even forget about it soon. From my experience and following the advice of the great teacher Kaz amateurs should rather spend time on "learning the basics" instead of long complicated sequences.