Game with 4 kyu gap.

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Just a general review would suffice, mixing in some high-level stuff would be great!

Thanks in advance!

PS: Feel free to remove all talking involved while reviewing the game

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You played a nice solid opening which gave you a good framework on the right side. But you did not find a good way to deal with White's invasion and let him live easily on the side and break your formation. After this (move 18) the game looked pretty good for White.
The invasion at G16 (move 33) was a strategical mistake. You already had a weak group on the left side and made a second one even close to the existing one. This nearly always leads to complications.
At the bottom White made a big and easy Joseki mistake playing at C5 (move 28) but unfortunately you did not find a way to punish it.
Afterwards there was a big and complicated fight in the center. I do not expect you to find the best moves in such a fight. I would also have screwed it up myself most probably. ;) In the end you were a bit lucky that White did not play safely enough and you finally found the move B18 (move 261) to win the game. Congratulations, this was not at all easy to read!

If there are three things I would like you to focus on in this review it is:
- Better take care of your groups and make sure that you do not have too many weak groups (don't play G16)
- Study the Joseki from the lower left corner. It is very basic. And being able to punish a move like C5 can easily win a game.
- Try to avoid play moves that make bad shape and leave your groups with very little liberties like move 51, move 63 or move 89.

Good luck with your next games!

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