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im intrested in  mistakes i made (mainly in direction of play and fighting)

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Hello! So I took a look through this game and tried to address what you asked; you said you were worried about direction of play and fighting. This being the only game I have seen of yours my suggestions on what you should work on may not be perfect, but from what I saw your direction of play seemed to be fine overall, maybe there is a different game to talk about that. It was more your sense of urgent moves and your reading that was a problem. However, the biggest problem was that your opponent was not able to punish your mistakes and even made a few misreads near the end that allowed you to win this game.

All that being said, I have a few suggestions for you. First your shape needs a little bit of work. Now a sense of shape is something you can develop naturally as you play or as you do go problems, however, it is much faster to just study a book. There is actually a free book about shape called "Shape Up" by Charles Mathews that you can get. After that, I just suggest you do some life and death and I really recommend the "Encyclopedia of Life and Death - Elementary" by Cho Chikun. It may sound like it is supposed to be easy, but it is important to solidify your basic reading before moving on to more complex tasks, going through that collection is what helped me get to 2d on KGS. My last suggestion, and this might be the more important one, is to try and find stronger players to go up against. If your opponent can't punish you for playing a bad move then how are you supposed to know it is bad? I find that after you start playing stronger players you will pay more attention to your moves because if you do not they will always be able to take advantage on the board.

I hope you found this review useful! If you have any questions let me know!

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thank you for your comments, they are very helpfull.