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Besides, the easy life and death that I missed on the bottom, I was wondering what I am lacking in terms of fundamentals, direction of play, and shape. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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*It is probably better to download the SGF and view that way. My first time uploading to this website so I am not used to how it works yet.

Your overall game was definitely not bad, just a few ideas that you got wrong. As an example, center is more important than living small. If you can start to implement this one idea then I am sure you will get at least a little stronger. Of course you have to know when to live small and when to run away and when to counter attack. That is a whole new subject by itself.

I hope I provided a good enough review! I figured I could leave some book suggestions here so if you want more in depth study of these topics you should check them out! If you want to study more about shape my favorite book was "The Theory and Practice of Shapes" by Valery Shikshin. If you want to study more about the fundamentals of go I absolutely recommend "The Fundamental Principles of Go" by Yilun Yang. Both books are good for all levels and will be perfect for you! If you have any questions or want me to review more of your games just let me know. :D

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Go-Academy.org Review 1 Fuusann 7k vs. J0nSn0w 8k

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Hi TritonBaduk,

Welcome to Go Academy and thank you so much for your great contribution! I really enjoyed going through your thorough analysis.

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