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I show a game which I really spoiled. At first I thought I had some nice influence but then I threw away a large group when I tried to invade. I am unsure if I could have saved the left side. 17k on IGS is one step above Beginners Class and much weaker than 17k on KGS would be... Thank you in advance for watching!


Review video: - game review - Funkyrhyno vs. kaizan (17k)

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Dear Leo, thank you very much for this helpful review. It answers my questions well and I will watch it more than once. For example the rule of thumb that I at least should have eight spaces to live in the corner was new for me. You kindly suggested that two weeks after that game I may became stronger - sadly enough, the opposite is the case... But I am still working on it... This whole website is a gift and I will stay following it. With my best wishes for the new year, Kaizan

Hi Kaizan,
Thanks for your feedback and for the kind words. Ifor you haven't heard about 6,7,8 theory (also concerning life in the corner) I very much recommend In-Seong's lecture:

He's a great teacher and his lectures are fantastic.