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Somewhere in the opening I became over concentrated and wanted feedback on that. Also, I was sure I'm going to kill the large shape at the top but lost that

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Hi Subutai,
My name is Leo and I play as 2k on KGS. I will review this game and leave some comments and ideas how to improve your play.

There is one major issue I would like you to focus on when reviewing this game. You very often either completely missed to continue locally or played moves that were not connected to your existing stones. This way you kept creating weaknesses in your formation. For example see moves 9, 35, 39 (would have been easy to list much more examples).
From time to time your opponent found ways to utilize these weaknesses. Hence it was easy for him to get ahead early and clearly win this game. Actually for me the game was already almost over at  move 34.
I would really encourage you to play more securely and make strong groups - maybe also look a bit into shapes. That will definitely help you with your next games.
Thanks for sharing  a game on Go Academy. I wish you good luck for your next games!

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Hi! I think that the game reviewed is not actually the SGF I shared, but is a game between Toki85 and Tamarix...

You are right.  I am sorry.  I messed it up.

I emailed admin and asked them to reset it so someone can review your game.  I apologize.


I've opened it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Super helpful Leo, many thanks!