evangili(6k) - jinsan(7k), weird black opening

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would like to know if i countered the opening correctly and some better ways to handle my running group

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Hi evangili,
my name is Leo and I play as 3k - 1d on KGS (still trying to establish as 1k). I will leave my comments and ideas in your game and create some variations. I hope that you like the review and get some new ideas.

Overall this was a good game. Both players missed some chances but did some good reading as well.
As an advice I would recommend you to not play too many 2-space jumps. I recognized at least two 2-space jumps in this game at move 64 and move 116. Both of them did not lead to major problems. But as you will make progress and play against stronger opponents they may find ways to attack these weaknesses.

Good luck for your next games!

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