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I've written comments on the uploaded sgf file.

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updated review answering all your questions.

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Even though the comments are generally helpful. I think this is a rather lackluster review and I would have much preferred someone who would have addressed the comments which I took the time to write. Perhaps the game was "over" after 50 moves but there were still more details and uncertainties which are still unclear after reading the review.

This isn't a dan/pro game either, perhaps at dan level you couldn't come back but at SDK level people make plenty of mistakes for which to come back with. I find the comment "I would resign after this that is a 20 point lose unless you are much stronger I don't see you coming back." to be particularly terrible for this reason.

There was also a recommendation to study endgame problems because it would increase concentration. However, I don't see why it would help at all since the game was "lost" in the first 50 moves. How would concentration would have helped at all?

Long story short, I can wait to have someone to give me a decent review which addresses the problems instead of some half baked product. I put the effort in and made comments and added variations. There's no excuse for such a shabby review especially when no reason was given as to why the game wasn't good to review in the first place.

I updated it answering all your questions Leave any questions you have in the comments. I would advise you to realize I am not paid for this, if anything helps you should be grateful most dans do not take the time to look at kyu games. You may ask questions, but it is up to our judgement if we answer them not you. Instead of your general disregard for me taking my time to go over your game, why not be thankful I left some comments? You can ask me to leave more if you found the first helpful. I do have other things to do tho and sometimes I do not like wasting my time reviewing a game that I think will not be read. Why would I go into an indepth review when others have simply ignored them? That is a waste of my time.

What really made me angry is when you said that the game is not worth reviewing. I'm sorry but if I lose the game, spend my whole 25 minutes thinking during the game and give comments then it IS a game worth reviewing. If it's so beneath you to review a game I put so much effort into reviewing then I don't want your help, simple as.

I did not say "The game was not worth reviewing." Do not put words in my mouth. I sad The game was bad for reviewing those two statements mean completely different things.
Here is a list of reasons the game was bad for reviewing
1. The game was lost over a bad blunder.
2. You are of even strength so your oppenet could not fully show your mistakes.Therefore making corrections hard to show.
3. You did not use all your time to read.
4. The game was lost by more then 10 points which normally means a big mistake not a bunch of little ones.
5. You played passively after the blunder really leaving very few comments to be left.
6. You missed a lot of what you had been practicing which means your practicing did not pay off.
7. You did not leave any specific questions of moves just general comments.
8. You did not do a lot of analyzing when you went into your own review of the game.
I think this is all fair to say since it is all true.