EGC Main Tournament, Round 8: Michael vs. Leo

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Dear reviewer,

Thanks for taking the time to analyze my game. I think White got ahead pretty early in the game. My (Black's) reaction to White's invasion at the upper right was far from optimal. Would be great if you could comment on this situation as well as other things that catch to your eye.


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I would normally say that 2k in strength is probably too strong for me to review, but I felt I would give it a try anyway and I hope you enjoy this! If you would like me to make a more detailed video review going over more variations just let me know.

Overall I felt your playing style was fine and your opening was not bad, however, the way you dealt with the upper right was very bad and I go over it in the review. The most important things I felt you were lacking was a sense of shape points and direction of play. My favorite book on shape is called "The Theory and Practice of Shape" by Valery Shikshin and you can look into that or the free book "Shape Up" by Charles Mathews. There are not many books specifically about the direction of play, but I guess the best book for you to check out is just "The Direction of Play" by Kajiwara Takeo and you are definitely strong enough to understand it. Of course you could also look for a teacher haha.

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Hey TritonBaduk,
Thanks a lot for your review! Your advice is clear and the variations you show are easy to follow and understand why they lead to a better result. Although it probably was meant more as a side remark I found your comment at move 21 very interesting and will try to follow your advice next time.
For the sake of this website adding a video of course would be great. But to be honest I think I already got the major ideas and corrections.

I am glad you liked the review! I was a bit worried that I wasn't strong enough to review a 2k game and really help, but since you enjoyed it I will definitely consider doing more reviews. To help out the website I will be sure to make some videos for some of my future reviews. Hopefully this place gets a bit more active!