EGC Main Tournament, Round 1: Kaoru vs. Leo

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Dear reviewer,

Thanks for taking the time to analyze my game. This is my first game at the EGC main tournament. I recorded the game till move 133. Finally White won by about 10 points. I think I made some big mistakes in the end game. I also did not realize that the upper right corner is Ko.
Anyway I am sure that both players played many mistakes up to move 133. It would be great if you could show me some mistakes and alternative moves.

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Kaoru vs Leo Review

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Thanks a lot for another fantastic review. And for your kind words. :)

I really do like your proposed sacrifice move (move 47). The right side looks so big.

Another key move that you suggested - to play H16 instead of C14 (move 59) - also looks really interesting. Unfortunately it's totally on my radar, yet. But I will try to take up the idea and use it in one of my next games if possible. Thanks!