easyloss [1d] vs. Oel [1k]

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Dear reviewer,

I recently played this game on KGS. On the lower right side a loody fight started and as I created 2.5 weak groups in this fight I expected it not to work out well. Hence I was quite suprised that at move 96 my opponent gave up.

I guess there are several situations where one of the players could have ended the game early. Would be great if you could show me some of them. Do you think the situation at move 96 was bad enough for White to give up?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to look into this game! I really appreciate and I am happy for any hint and correction.

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Great review! You showed very interesting joseki variations at the very beginning and pointed out lots of missed opportunities for both players. Thanks a lot! Also for mentioning pro games to study at the very end. :)