Dealing with unusual moves (beginner)

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This game was very frustrating for me, because it was a player that was nominally only a little stronger, and in the opening made moves that should be punished immediately. Three corners were me playing at the star-point, and getting hit with a shoulder-hit/armpit-hit immediately. I should be able to capitalize on this, as I am a stone ahead and getting stronger groups.

However, I lost both stones and position in all four corners to a player that was only slightly stronger. My question:

* How to respond to unusual openings? Where was I over extending? 

The game was resigned before the corners merged, so I made similar mistakes on each corner. 

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White made a bunch of overplays and black was very determined to take the big moves, but in the end Black's groups ended up weak.

Most important thing to remember: "Urgent moves before big moves". Keep your groups strong and the opponents groups weak.

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Very interesting review. It's great to stress one learning in are view like you did, EdIV. I'll try to also do this in my next analysis.