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Although I won this game I feel not completely satisfied about due to a lot of mistakes I have done, in particular I tried too hard to kill a group in the centre which was clearly alive.I guess I won because my opponent made a lot of mistakes too. Any suggestion on how should I have played? Thank you

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my name is Leo and I play as 2 Kyu on KGS.

You played well in this game most of the time. You managed to make good influence for the right side and get a huge territory. And you found a way to break your opponents territory and live in his area. Consequently this was a clear win for you.

The weakest parts I found were situations where you forgot to take care of your weak groups. This was the case relatively early at move. After loosing the Ko on the top right corner at move 35 you have to take care of your group at the top side. Later at moves 95 and 114 you missed to defend your center group. You were lucky that your opponent also missed the chance to attack these stones.

After this you defended your advantage very well and did not give another chance to your opponent to change the result.

If there is one thing to remember for your next games I would recommend you to take the time to check the status of your groups more often and if necessary defend them before you start the next attack or invasion to your opponent's territory.

Good luck for your next games!

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