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This was a close game that I should have won, but blundered at the end. Close games always seem to be the best for me to learn from, but I'm afraid I have no concrete instructions for the reviewer. Anything you have to say I'll appreciate!

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After a dubious choice in the opening by black, white made an even more dubious choice and black took the lead. Then during the fighting white managed to somehow eke out a more or less even result despite being at a (huge) disadvantage. Then black once again took the lead when white stubbornly defended a small corner territory (and also) strengthened black in the process, allowing him to take the entire upper side. White then made a position on the right side, but with alot of aji. At that point in the game, black should definitely have won and there were many chances for black to really take control of the game. Despite this, it continued somewhat evenly until black somehow lost fighting spirit and started leaking points everywhere. Perhaps black decided he was so far ahead he could give white something and not fight? But this is always the fatal downfall for me in my games on Foxgo and tygem vs strong fighters at high dan level. You give them one thing, they take everything! So don't give up things you shouldn't give up, and don't become lazy with the reading. 


Overall pretty well played actually, and not bad fighting strength. Some missed opportunities and the eventual downfall towards the end where black started leaking many many points to white (around 20 or so?).


-Hope my review was helpful!



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Thanks for the review! Interesting that you find L3 (move 14) horrible for white since it seems to fit with the proverb 'The enemy's key point is yours'. Maybe it's not a key point 

Huh, what happenend there? My comment got auto-posted a hundred times! 
I still wanted to ask what you think about black L3 after white D6 in your variation.

The problem with white L3 at move 14, is that it's surrounded by black on both sides and immediately comes under attack. This + the fact that the corner joseki isn't finished (so black can lean on whites corner to get strength then attack), combines to make white L3 a move I don't think is very good.


Black L3 or L4 is fine after white defends his corner at D6, because after D6 the invasion around K4 becomes a threat. I prefer the high move because blacks corner shimari is low so the high move strikes a better balance.

I see, thank you!