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I want this game to be part of the A. Dinerchtein lottery .

Hi, I lost the game by 0,5 points and at my level we know this means that both players have missed several opportunities to take a decisive lead.

I got early confused by the sequence he played in the upper left corner (move 8 and how I got a heavy group while he was making bad-looking moves).

Luckily he made overplays in the lower left corner (move 28 isn't possible I suppose ? But how to handle what he played next ?) and eventually let me a very big corner plus sente (in compensation for nice influence still).

Then I had no clue how to deal with the upper right corner, and I am not sure I played the best way there (from move 70). How should I have handled the corner ? Then was move 115 passive (a white center starts to grow) ? But his moves looked too thin, even if I didn't get clearly advantage from this …

How to reduce or invade at move 125, and then at move 135 ? Both sequences didn't look optimal to me.

Then it is yose starting, he got too many big points I feel (P2 for instance, probably A10 was too small). Any advice here is welcome too.

I really think there are many things to say, I hope the reviewer will enjoy to point out my mistakes !

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