Close game, by mid level Kyu's

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Whatever you feel the most comfortable with. I just want to learn from this ^.^

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Hi AichiKingema,
My name is Leo and I play as 2k on KGS. I will have a look at your game and leave some comments to provide you with some ideas how to improve your game.

In the beginning Black prevented White from making a big framework on the left side and created a good formation on the right side himself. This was a nice beginning. Unfortunately next Black allowed White to make a ponnuki sacrificing his stone with move 23. This was a big mistake and prevented Black from making a big territory on the right side. The next mistake was Black's answer on the top side (move 33) instead of playing the last big move on the lower side himself. This way White got both big points and after move 34 I prefer White's position.
After some fighting without any major results both players missed to properly start the end game. Please have a look at move 118 where I show some big end game points. Actually this game was decided in the end game stage. Both players had several chances to take the big end game points to win the game. In the end Black managed to gather some extra points during the end game and won the game by a small margin.

After reviewing this game there are two points I would like to stress:
- I found quite some shape issues in this game. Please try to get used to basic shape concepts like "empty triangle", "tiger's mouth" (I did not mention it in this review), "ponnuki", etc. These shapes will occur in all of your games and starting as early as possible to either use good shape to build strong positions or avoid bad shape to not create weaknesses will really help you in all of your future games.
- In the end game the big moves normally are on the 2nd or 1st line. Please start searching on the sides before fighting for the very few remaining points in the center.

I hope you will enjoy the review. Good luck for your next games!

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