Center fighting that goes out of control

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White clearly wanted the center and I guess I got scared, cause the game was pretty much over early on, but I got an attack that resulted in the game being completely turned around. The fighting after that became very chaotic and I lost by half a point. Both my opponents and my own playing felt off during the entire game. I just can't seem to pinpoint what it was. Thank you very much for the review

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Hello! After looking through the game I thought I might be able to provide some insight so I hope you like the review!

Overall I think you are a good player, but you could definitely benefit from some Endgame study. You seem to be able to take advantage of your opponent's slack moves and slow moves in order to make a comeback so with some solid endgame you would have easily won this game. Of course understanding what went wrong earlier on will help you, however studying endgame wont just help you with games where you have a comeback, it will also help you win more decisively in your regular games. I definitely recommend the books "Lee Changho Endgame technique Vol 1 and 2" or "Get Strong at Endgame".

Apart from that I also feel you might benefit from studying common Sabaki shapes to help you in dire situations like in the game. I just finished reading "Vital Points and SkillfulĀ Finesse for Sabaki" for the second time and I definitely recommend it.

Please let me know if you notice any mistakes in my variations or if you have any questions!

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Excellent review, very honest and helpful and tailormade for my level ^^. Thank you, TritonBaduk