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I see my first flaw at 18th move being caught in a ladder.

Move 29 was sacrificial to gain on Move 30.

Move 42 Net failed because of E line connected stones.

Move 53 forgot to count liberties of stones.

Move 62 to create 2 eyes, probably should have resigned at this point, but decided to see how it played out.

Move 66 was a blundered attempt to snapback and create false eye on opponent territory, instead gave opponent 2 real eyes.

What else am I missing? I lost 11 stones and only captured 3. I feel like the more I read and play the worse I get.

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You need to look more for your stones, you attack everywhere without a base.

Try getting your stones to live first, then attack, it will feel slower, while beeing faster and you can attack without looking for your groups, which is fine.

So first look where  your groups are not alive yet and if there is more then 1 group, try to see which group is worth more points in saving

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Ty for your assessment. I am still learning.

you are welcome. I am glad I could help.