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Early on in the game I felt like I was making reasonable moves, but my opponent reduced me massively in the endgame. I'm sure I missed opportunities to attack and I left my position very weak in places. Anyway. I'd like to know how I could have done better

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I don't think your opponent won this game by reducing your territory in the end game. At move 66 I made a rough evaluation and came to the conclusion that your opponent was leading by 30-40 points on the board and there was only one area left where you potentially could make a big territory. It was a very hard game for you already.

From my point of view the first critical sequence started with move 19 which was too close to your opponent's strong group. As a result he got good territoy while you got very limited influence towards the center.

Afterwards your opponent was able to make the first move for his weak group on the right side with move 32. The game would have looked much better if you had the chance to attack these two stones.

Later there were two fights. On the lower side your opponent missed the chance to kill your group and really finish the game. And on the left side you missed your chance to save your weak group.

Besides looking into these situations again I would recommend you to really try to avoid moves like move 65 and move 119 which bascically did not have any effect on the game. Before clicking please think if
- this move is necessary to save one of your groups,
- you can make a lot of points with this move,
- you can severly threaten your opponents group.
If the answer to all three questions is "no" you think about playing somewhere else.

Good luck for your next games!

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