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I am pretty much an absolute beginner at Go (though fairly strong at chess). Only skill I have mastered is knowing when stones are in atari. This game was played against http://cosumi.net/en/mobile on a 19x19 board with no handicap. Game also uploaded at http://eidogo.com/#ZPsEDAiK and move numbers are per that link. Specific points: * I could have captured a stone at move 30 but only did at move 34. Why did Cosumi not connect to save its stone? Should I have captured immediately, settled the group (as in the game) or done something else? * How do I tell when playing a cut like move 38 is a good idea? * Moves 54, 56 and 58 were to prevent the 6-stone Black group from linking with the Black stones at the bottom, thus ensuring the group is dead and securing some territory for myself. Was I being too cautious? How could I tell when the Black group was certainly dead? How else could I have killed it and secured the territory? * Was move 62 at the right place? Should I have played move 70 earlier? Whole-board vision seems too advanced at my current level and I only attack where I am strong. Nevertheless, I knew I had to limit his potential territory and secure more for myself. * Moves 81-84 and 123-126 seem to be a standard sequence. Did I play this sequence correctly? * I think I reacted badly to moves 97 and 99. What would be a better response? * Of course, move 130 is a mistake and the Black group in the top-left corner had already secured life. * Why did Cosumi play in its own territory on move 133 and 135, thus losing points? Pretty sure I cannot atari below 135. Based on this game, what kyu ranking would you give me and Cosumi?

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Hello springyboard, i looked over your game and tried to give you some basic tips and answering your questions. Please keep in mind that i didnt go over every little mistake and couldn't explain every aspect of strategy. First of all I would recommend that you play more games on the small 9x9 board. The games are much faster and not as complex. In the beginning of your Go career you can learn more by playing alot games on 9x9 than playing a few on 19x19. Your question about your ranking is hard to answer. Its best to log into an online go server like online-go.com where you find alot other beginners to play with and find out. If you don't know any words i used check them out on http://senseis.xmp.net/

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