9 stone handicap against a 3k

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Hello! This is a 9 stone handicap game!

Even though I won, I want to know what I can do better. Thanks! For example, what can I do on my bottom right corner?

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Not a bad game, but you still have some holes in your play. Try studying good shape, and what makes the shape good.

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Thank you for the review!

All right, then! Good shape, here I come!

The variations are self-explanatory, too! Thank you!

Shape is a pretty abstract thing to study, so it will be a little hard. Tsumego help of course, and in your games or when reviewing your games, even if you think a cut does not work, try reading it out and finding out what move you need in order to make it work. Nothing works every time after all.

I am not sure why move 63 variation C is messed up, but I can't seem to fix it, sorry :P

Thanks, Gennodel, for this great review! In the sgf file there was a variation given with Black playing two moves in a row (with CGoben it was possible to properly see it and also check the other variation). Seems like the sgf web player is not able to properly handle this. I fixed it.