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This is a game against a stronger player. I think one thing that damaged my position was that I was split into 4 territories, while white's territories stayed mostly connected. I only noticed this in retrospect... during the game (10 minutes + 3x 30 seconds), I thought I was doing Ok early on, but became suspicious of my ability to win as my upper right corner shrunk and white's lower side grew into an empire. White's L5 stone worked out really well. In comparison, my move at E9 demonstrated what happens when Go players accidentally buy decaffinated coffee. And maybe D18 could have been J16. Well, I'll be delighted with any feedback. I'm trying to improve my game, and develop a style I can play consistently well with. Thank you!

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Hi Rab,

Thanks a lot for reviewing the game between a:jaya (19k) and Raein (19k). I really enjoyed the review. You explained very well!

My name is Leo and I play as 2k on KGS. I wanted to provide another video review for this game. But unfortunately I haven't found the time to do it during the weekend. Hence I decided to just share the "text version".
I hope you like it and get some ideas how to improve your game.

Good luck for your next games!

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Thanks for the review Oel! I'm glad you liked my review of the 18k game... I had fun making that one too :)