24 kyu VS 22 kyu

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The review doesn't need to be super detailed, but some tips on how I could have gained some extra points early on (and any recommended moves in response to the odd moves white played on the first line) would be much appreciated. In general, I'm more interested in the correct thought patterns and approach than specific moves I played in a given situation. Any positive feedback on good moves would be great too!

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Hi Iswest,
my name is Leo and I play as about 2k on KGS. I will leave my comments and ideas in your game and create some variations. I hope that you like the review and get some new ideas.

Actually, I had to go through the entire game two times to get a better understanding of the course of the game. After the first walkthrough I just could not believe that your opponent won the game after playing so many severe technical mistakes. In contrast your moves looked pretty solid and I only recognized few major mistakes.

Anyway at second glance I found three major things that made you loose this game.

  1. You missed to play a very big opening point on the right side. See moves 19 and 23.
  2. In the late middle game you missed to play a big move on the bottom and instead followed your opponent playing very small moves in the center. See move 96.
  3. Finally in the early end game you made a mistake defending your top side which cost you another 15 points. See move 115.

I would recommend you to study these situations with special interest. From my point of view these were the key situations in this game.
Good luck for your next games!

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Thank you for the review! It's very helpful and thorough, and I'll be sure to study those 3 moves.

thank you