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Dear reviewer, Thanks for taking the time to comment on my game. I added some questions in the sgf file and marked them with "Oel:". Most interesting for me would be an assessment of my overall strategy in this game. In the beginning I decided to build a moyo myself and allow my opponent to also do so. Normally I prefer to invade early and prevent my opponent from getting too many points in one region. I would really like to know whether you think this was a good strategy in this game or if it only worked out due to my being lucky.

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you played well. you recovered from early mistakes to make an absolutely gigantic moyo. you attacked the invasion reservedly and secured a lot of points. then you made a well timed ko in the corner. see sgf for comments.

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Thanks a lot, coopermayne! I very much enjoyed the review. During and after the game I realized that the sequence around C8 wasn't good but did not really know why. Now it's clear and I know how to play next time (and hopefully will be able to do it).

Also in the past I often did not stop an attack when it was the time to. This game I stopped to early. There were some obvious forcing moves (starting with L6) and the surrounding move at K12 which would really have improved my situation.

Thanks for your analysis!

Not to sound like a wiseacre but with my knowledge of the direction of play (which is very limited).
Both you and Koba made mistakes in the first 3 moves.

I would not recommend playing your first stone at a 3,4 point even though it is fine. It does also force White to play on the large side, in this case the Q4 corner. White does not respond the way he should but instead plays D4. In a professional game this could be the losing move.

You respond by going full out territorial and taking a 3,4 point at R4. This is also a mistake. Again because the potential on the sides is much greater for white at this point. I'd recommend to either play a 4,4 point to make a sort-off Chinese opening sequence or if you really want that territory to go for D17.

Note that this is very high-level opening theory but nonetheless it might be worth considering.

If you want to know more about this kind of direction of play I would really recommend you to read The Direction of Play by Kajiwara Takeo. He expands greatly on this subject.