2015-01-16 bsl21 vs. Westf2Br1

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Some specific questions: In the lower left corner Black pushed one more time than I expected (the exchange C5, D6). Is it still a good or at least an okay result for White? At move 70 I really took quite some time to read the situation. Finally I thought that White can live. Is that correct? Probably before E8 was not a good move. Even though it's big I probably should have invested one more move at L10 to save my group. Right? In the end game there was a critical situation on the left side. Could you have a look how to prevent this crisis? Thanks a lot!

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I made a review of this game, but unfortunately I uploaded the wrong file, and now I'm travelling and away from my computer for a week or so :( I'll upload the review next week!

Sennahoj, Thanks for reviewing the game and leaving the message. Please let me know in case you have any issues replacing the file - normally it should not be a problem. I'll leave the status as is due to the fact that the review will be added soon.