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Thank you for reviewing. This is a game between me (14k b) and my opponent (12k w). I gained a lot of influence during this game, but I was not able to make the most of it. 

THere are two main aspects: 1) When do I trade influence for territory 
2) How do I maximize the usage of my influence.

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www.go-academy.org - pcesar (14k) vs. DoctorLOL (12k) reviewed by Oel (2k)

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This was very informative, thanks a lot! The video gives a lot more info than a regular review, and it also shows how you think about the situation, so it's a very nice review tool.

I do have a question, could you explain how you count? You seemed to count the territory very fast, and the center territory you had a curious pattern of counting in the diagonal first then sides.

Thanks again for your effort!

Thanks for your kind words! Actually I am not completely happy with the review. But it's the first video review I did. I will try to keep it much shorter next time by focussing on some key moves of the game.

To explain my counting I added some comments to move 74 and the variation of move 75.

That is a really nice review. Thank you. 

I agree that in a video you can get more information about how the reviewer thinks about situations in the game.

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