12 kyu correspondence game

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Opponent followed me for the entire game, but i feel like I would have lost if he had invaded the lower left corner, I also don't see how i could've reduced his points in the middle.

I feel like i played to my outermost potential this game, i also had all the time of the world so i didn't make any hasty mistakes.

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Hey rojin, I just finished uploading your review. There are some beginning strategic non-optimal moves. There are some moves that help your opponent more than yourself. Overall, it seemed like a game in your favor. I would suggest to upload games you lose as there are more often obvious mistakes. I do not think there are any grievous mistakes this game. Hope to see more submissions.

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Lets Review LowKyu13k vs rojin12k

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Thanks for the review, TheBeastRevived! I think, it's the first "external" video review here. Very happy that it worked that well - the quality is very good!
Just one comment to the game: Till move 5 Black played the low Chinese opening on the right side. N4 for White and then jumping to K4 is just a "normal" way to deal with this (http://senseis.xmp.net/?PlaysAgainstLowChineseOpening). In fact Black's jump to Q6 was a bit too far. I am not sure if this maybe was the reason why White was able to invade to the lower right so easy, later.