0,5 Loss... Best of 3

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This was the deciding game in a fun best of 3 games match.

After the opening i often feel kind of lost what to do next. i have problems finding the nex big move and therefore tend to play small not so good moves that cost me territory or influence. maybe you can point out some aspects on that topic. thanks for taking your time to review my game :)

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This is a hard game to review, but it was up for nearly a month, so I decided to give it a shot.  The opening is a bit tough because it is a bit unusual and it is not clear exactly how white might respond. I think it is a good game to study because of this opening that is a bit unusual.  The thing is that, I think, whit should not try to take too much and just attempt to disrupt black's intention, which is to create a large framework.  Once white starts to play low and live locally rather than just disrupt the moyo and reduce, it becomes difficult for white.

It might be best to think about creating a base rather than living when dealing with the opening moves.

There are also some interesting positions and some errors in the middle of the game.  The sequence from move 60 is quite interesting ladder position.  I did not comment on the end, since the player asked for comments on opening primarily.

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Thanks, Buddy, for this review!

Although I can not agree with every single comment (which I guess is just normal) I believe that jnkstry got some valuable feedback and new ideas. 

thanks a lot for your time and effort. was not my best game. but every game is valuable for review and improving own skills.