Game Player Opponent Reviewer Updated
File OGS: doshirock1 (7k) - rab-the-goat(9k) rab-the-goat (9k) doshirock1 (7k) Oel (2k) 2016-05-25
File KGS: anchan [3k] - LinuxGooo [4k] LinuxGooo (4k) anchan (3k) YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-23
Daily game Toki (15k) Tamarix (15k) flauschy (4k) 2016-05-23
File Westf2Br3 [1k] - bsl23 [3k] bsl23 (3k) Westf2Br3 (1k) YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-23
File KGS: satosi [3k] - LinuxGooo [4k] LinuxGooo (4k) satosi (3k) YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-22
File Oel [1k] - gojin [1k] Oel (1k) gojin (1k) YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-22
Johnovich 11k(black) vs Matuiss2 9k (white) Matuiss2 (9k) Johnovich (11k) Oel (2k) 2016-05-21
close game with gonogo opening lorl (1k) galaxy (2d) YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-18
OGS: gabe.rizky (17k) - caspen(18k) caspen (18k) gabe.rizky (17k) rab-the-goat (9k) 2016-05-17
KGS: Tilwen [1k] - ThinkFree [1k] Tilwen (1k) ThinkFree (1k) YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-15
Oel vs. Ecthelion: Opponent gave up (too?) early Oel (2k) Ecthelion (3k) YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-15
easyloss [1d] vs. Oel [1k] Oel (1k) easyloss (1d) YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-15
KGS: Oel [2k] - floroto [2k] Oel (2k) floroto (2k) YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-15
Nails v Mdibah Nails (16k) Mdibah (16k) Buddy514 (3k) 2016-05-15
My third game Kurtz (18k) Teteruga (17k) Buddy514 (3k) 2016-05-14
4 territories vs 2 rab-the-goat (10k) nzhong (8k) Oel (2k) 2016-05-08
OGS: a:jaya (19k) - Raein(19k) Raein (19k) a:jaya (19k) rab-the-goat (9k) 2016-05-07
KGS: lunaslave [10k] - siguy [8k] lunaslave (10k) siguy (8k) spiritburd (2d) 2016-05-06
Well a tough lose Luckymedie. (2d) idk (2d) YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-06
Trying to grow caspen (19k) troy.regan.smith (19k) Buddy514 (3k) 2016-05-03