Game Player Opponent Reviewer Updated
OGS: Nami Heartfilia (17k) - Cassius(17k) Nami Heartfilia (17k) Cassius (17k) Nedoren (3k) 2017-08-30
Against Strong Opponent GrzesM Andreas Fecke (Soleatus) (4d) Oel (2k) 2017-08-11
OGS: rimas (11k) - GrzesM13(21k) GrzesM13 (21k) rimas (11k) Oel (2k) 2017-08-11
OGS - moyo problems. Raraldor (7k) Leekee (5k) Nibbler (3d) 2017-07-06
File OGS: tmac13 (17k) - Blue_Man7(20k) Blue_Man7 (20k) tmac13 (17k) Oel (2k) 2017-07-06
OGS: Scrungus (21k) - Blue_Man7(21k) Blue_Man7 (21k) Scrungus (21k) Gennodel () 2017-06-26
OGS: czt (9k) - Nami Heartfilia(17k) Nami Heartfilia (17k) czt (9k) Oel (2k) 2017-06-25
OGS - Did I improve? Nami Heartfilia (20k) Filin01 (17k) Gennodel () 2017-06-24
I can't see the future, but my opponent saw his Wabinab (16k) MrSimple (14k) ssokolow (6k) 2017-04-22
A win on OGS - How to deal with invasions? Kaizan (19k) Stefanvds (21k) plink (4k) 2017-04-22
OGS: regina25 (15k) - Wabinab(16k) Wabinab (16k) regina25 (15k) ssokolow (6k) 2017-04-13
OGS - My second play in a 19x19 board Nami Heartfilia (23k) GiorgiShubitidze (20k) Nedoren (3k) 2017-04-11
OGS: Mia12 (15k) - Wabinab(15k) Wabinab (15k) Mia12 (15k) Gennodel () 2017-04-04
OGS: jonryuga (16k) - Nemuro(8k) jonryuga (16k) Nemuro (8k) Gennodel () 2017-04-04
I think I need some tips about endgame 04/03/2017 jojotb (10k) goisaweirdgame (11k) Nedoren (3k) 2017-04-01
why did i lose? ACYK2 (8k) Nedoren (3k) 2017-03-30
A very bad game played at IGS Kaizan (21k) Chris5687 KaitoDoraemon (10k) 2017-01-05
9 stone handicap against a 3k 围棋哆啦A梦 (9k) chmeee (3k) Gennodel () 2017-01-03
A game between a 10k and another 10k 围棋哆啦A梦 (10k) dem (10k) Oel (2k) 2017-01-03
OGS: Yarumi (10k) - letsplaybaduk(9k) Yarumi (4k) letsplaybaduk (9k) Oel (2k) 2016-12-31